Friday, October 16, 2015

To Fail to Fit

Written by Brittany 

Have you ever felt like you were a “misfit”?  Like you just didn’t fit?  I have felt like that A LOT in my life.  I was never “the popular” girl, the girl all the guys wanted to date, the girl who knew how to dress, who was up-to-date on all the latest gossip… that just wasn’t me.  I was never “the sporty” girl, the one who was always winning a game, or beating the rivals… that just wasn’t me.  All the things, I just wasn’t… Even now, as a mother, I am not the mom that has the super clean house, or the mom that has dinner ready every night, or even the mom that bakes!! I am just some of those things some of the time… I have always been a little of everything.  It always upset me to never be really great at just one thing.  I never excelled at something in such a way that I was known for it.  Now, I don’t mean to say that I need recognition, or maybe I do… I don’t know, all I know is that I have always wondered why I didn’t fit anywhere.  I often questioned why God had made me this way.    Why did he make me different? Why can’t I be good at something? Why don’t I fit in?    

The other day I was watching a PBS show on “misfit” animals. It was so amazing, to me, to watch these seemingly, “misfit” animals, totally fit in where they were! In these places where they shouldn’t fit, God had helped them to fit, to evolve and change to fit in just perfectly! As I continued to watch, I saw this flightless parrot in New Zealand, seemingly out of place, be right at home…  the documentary then mentioned that there were no ground predators.   I thought to myself, “well, doesn’t he have the easy life! No one there to hunt him or hurt him, no wonder he is able to survive and their numbers are going up..”   I thought it wasn’t fair to every other animal out there, every other animal has its struggles,  “its ground predators”, why were the animals in New Zealand special? 

I started to think about myself.  I started to think about how much easier life would be if I would have just been born with this obvious destiny?! How much easier would it have been if growing up, I just always fit in?  What would I be like now??  I thought back to different times in my life when I didn’t fit in, where those times shaped me and changed me.  I thought about the times, since becoming a mother, that I compared myself to other moms who had it all together, who it seemed they never encountered any “ground predators” in their life.  I thought about where I was looking for acceptance. Then I thought about Christ. 

Of all the people who have lived on the Earth, Christ is the most well known for being different.  I mean, for obvious reasons, but just bear with me… Christ was conceived immaculately, immediately making Him an easy target for ridicule.  From a young age He already knew His purpose on the earth and could be found teaching in the temples and churches, while other kids His age ran around and hit each other with sticks.  (Obviously I’m assuming male 12 year olds run around and hit each other with sticks…) Anyways, He was always serving others, humbling Himself constantly, and always keeping His focus on His Divine Duty.  If for no other reason was He born to be the most awesome example. No one can question that. BUT He was different.  He was a “misfit” in the eyes of man and man ultimately took His life. 

I have come to the conclusion that there is no way that anyone on this earth can be a “misfit” because God did not create us to fail.  He created us to succeed! He created us to be happy! He created us to have joy!  In a world where we are so wrapped up in whether or not we fit in, we need to remember the one sure thing; we are Daughters of God.  We have a Divine Nature.  We aren’t failing to fit; we fit perfectly because this is where God has planted us.   XOXO Britt

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