Thursday, October 29, 2015

15 Ways to Instantly Feel Better About Yourself

The other day, after brushing my teeth and looking in the mirror, I noticed my eyebrows had been slightly {ok ok majorly} neglected. {there are things you just don't get around to thinking about when you have small humans to look after.} The kids were napping (HALLELUJAH!), so I grabbed my tweezers and went to town on my brows. And looking in the mirror afterwards at the final result felt amazing. Right then, tweezing my eyebrows stemmed that entire list of things to do to instantly feel better about yourself, or life in general. So I'm gonna share some with you! 

Instant Pick-me-ups

pluck your eyebrows. it instantly opens your eyes, making your face look brighter, more awake, and less cluttered. try it and tell me you don't feel sexier. I dare you.
brows on fleek yall.
wash your face. if only to get that clean tingly feeling. heyyyy maybe your boyfriend's obvious lie was TRUE! you DO look better without makeup! 
i LOVE this stuff, the green tea leaves you with the slightest tingle, and the exfoliant in it isn't too fine and isn't too gritty
clean your room. I hate the build-up of nerve it takes to actually start cleaning my room. and for the first 5 minutes, I hate cleaning my room. but after those first 5 minutes, I get crazy into it and end up with piles of clothes to give away (PHILANTHROPY!) and new organizational systems for all my books and a new way of arranging the throw pillows on my bed and also other things. getting the clutter out of your room will help you get it out of your mind and soul. I'm pretty sure confucius said something like that.
do some yoga. it's as easy as you want it to be, it's relaxing, and it is SO GOOD FOR YOU! and the wonderful humans of youtube can guide you through it.

isn't that guy's voice great?

soak up some sun. your body needs sunlight to function! sunshine kicks endorphins into gear and gets you some much needed vitamin D! go outside! or, when it's lame-o winter time, invest in a HappyLight. {which I LOVE.} sit next to it for a 1/2-1 hour twice a day {while relaxing and/or getting stuff done, obviously. I used to bring mine to work!} and you will seriously feel the effects. it drastically reduces fatigue and all around glumness. 

eat some fresh fruit {or veggies}. if I am ever feeling gross or super down on myself, I eat raw foods only, until I can't stand it any longer. you seriously feel a difference when eating fresh raw foods after all that processed stuff we eat all the time. and fruit just tastes so good. I recommend berries, the darker the better. they are super lo-cal and are WAY high in antioxidants.

and a weeency bit of chocolate. especially dark chocolate. a little somethin' sweet delights the tastebuds, but chocolate also helps in the release of endorphins. endorphins make you happy, and happy people just don't kill their husbands. only eat a little! overdoing it will give you that nasty sugar meltdown and/or bloat. ew.

floss your teeth. let's be real, how many of us do it as much as we should?! that's what I thought. so whip out the floss, clean up your gums, and rinse and spit. smile as you watch your bloody drool swirl down the drain (TMI? yes. truth? also yes.), and run your tongue over your teeth. don't you feel like you've accomplished something today?!


nair your stache. there. I said it. anyone who is not a toe-head blonde has a mustache. and even they have staches, you just can't see them. why is this so embarrassing to everyone?! we all shave our legs and pits -- we all eliminate facial hair. no difference. it is life and it is beautiful. embrace it. giving yourself a long overdue nair-ing totally lightens up your face and makes it impossible not to smile.

Liz Lemon's got one!
and this pretty lady has one too. she's getting rid of it like a champ.
paint your own nails. I love nail polish. bright nails are my favorite accessory. having wet nails is also an excuse to relax for a half hour {oops. can't! wet nails. sorry!}. so read a book! or better yet, a juicy magazine. OR watch that show you never get to watch. real housewives anyone?
props if your nails actually look like that after you do them yourself...!
go for a walk. {or a run, if you're into that kind of thing}. there's something about being one with nature and spending some solo time that brings all kinds of superpeace to your soul. I've never gone on a walk and come back in a worse mood than when I left.

see how much fun she's having??
drink a tall glass of ice water. staying hydrated keeps you alert, energized, and happy. it reduces under-eye circles, boosts your metabolism, clears up your skin, keeps your organs working properly, and boosts your immune system. among other things. basically, water=magic juice. soooo.....drink some. it makes ya feel better. 

write a thank you note. you are a nice person, and people probably do nice things for you all the time. take a second and write them a thank you note, and send it in the mail, old school style. there is something about sending and receiving letters that nothing else can duplicate.

take a hot shower. washing the muck away can also mean washing the stress away. the steam and smells calm the nerves and relax the muscles. like a great big incubator (-_-) also omigosh don't you love the feeling of pulling fresh clean clothes over a clean nekkid body? {sounded like a creeper line. but i'm dead serious.} and also, smelling good. 

watch this video: you guys. even if you don't believe in yourself today, Shia does. let him speak to you.


  1. Seriously these are the best. Not to mention finishing it off with the "BEST" motivational video ever! Laughed seriously so hard! Thanks for making my day!

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