Thursday, October 22, 2015

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Guest Contributor: Noni

Hello all! My name is Noni and I blog about DIY, Food and Wellness over at Noni's House I am so happy to be doing a guest post here and was so excited when Sally asked me! 

You know when you have a secret that you love and want to share with everyone you know, but don't want to because people might take it away from you? I know you do! Mine is....thrift stores!! (Actually all forms of second hand shopping: thrift stores, yard sales, flea markets, estate sales and consignment shops all have their own special place in my heart.)Yes, I want to tell everyone I know about the great deals I get, but then at the same time, I don't want them knowing because they could be getting something that I need, lol. I grew up loving going to yard sales every Saturday with my mom because she had a lot of growing kids and saw no point in buying new clothes when people were practically giving them away on the weekends. After school sometimes she would take us to the Goodwill or antique shops, and I remember that I loved getting lost in all the wondrous and different treasures. Even if I did't buy anything, I loved looking and appreciating. I know that second hand shopping has a certain stigma to it, but there are so many reasons to shop second hand and not new: 

1. Money- I don't even have to get into this. But I will say, second hand shopping lets you be creative if you have a constant revolving taste in style and/or decor
2. You are literally helping the planet. Recycling, landfill space, emissions from production and distribution, and child labor are all positively affected.
3. High quality items- Hey, I can afford Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, Free People, and West Elm on a weekly basis. From the thrift store!!
4. Unique- I am ALLLL about unique. My household items are unique gems that no one else has. And unique is good in my book.
5. Creative- Fiiiinally you can start doing all those pinned Pinterest DIY's that you have been wanting to do without breaking your innocent little piggy bank!! So backup and put that hammer down. 
6. Charity- yes, you are supporting charity in most cases! Just remember to give back, which is actually doing yourself a favor by keeping you clutter free. Those are just a FEW reasons why we should all be second hand shopping, even if it's not something you can do all the time.

Here are a few of my favorite second-hand treasures!

everything except table runner and marigolds thrifted/used 

100% thrifted/used or free

table $10, crock $22, everything else thrifted/used except rug

expensive mixing bowls gotten for a steal, everything else also thrifted/used

bench out of the trash, Pottery barn pillows $1 each, free brass pot, rafia rug new

all used

everything used except lit up Eiffel tower

People always ask me, 'how do you find such great things? I never find anything!' Cuz I go a lot, friends. I know when my favorite shops get their shipments in, and when they stock them. Another reason I find great stuff is because I actually look at everything in a particular department. Lets say I only have time to look at sweaters or long sleeved shirts. I zone in. I look through all of them. I know its a little OCD, I can't help it. (Once you get good at getting the feel for certain fabrics, textures, and even colors, you just know and you don't have to pull all of them out to get a closer look) and then I don't look at the rest of the store. It's hard, but it really keeps me focused. Ready for my top, #1, best ever secret???? I keep a master list of things I want. "Now in dire need"  and "I have plenty of time". Right now, my Now and in dire need=red flats for my wicked witch costume, pants for my self induced potty training 2 year old, yay. not. My Plenty of time= a fancy gold frame for my bathroom, the perfect SIZE side table (color doesn't matter, that's why there's paint). With second hand shopping, there is no knowing when you will find something you need, so I find that it's best to keep a list and stick to it as much as you can, or else before you know it, you're taking home that neon, spiked, placemat that you definitely do.not.need. 
I hope this post has inspired you to get out there and try second hand shopping with an open mind because, more good news, everything can be washed!!  Tell me if you have ever gone thrifting/second hand shopping, or if you haven't, and why you love/hate it! 

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